Weytop : the best
Cloud PC on the market for your business


Access your virtual post in 2 clicks from a simple web browser, and from any kind of equipment.


Benefit from optimal comfort while using and video, including for videoconferences.

Completely secure

No longer worry about backups, hacking, loss and theft of your devices.


Improve your ecological impact by extending the lifespan of my equipment.

What is the « Cloud PC » ?

The "Cloud PC" is a completely dematerialized virtual computer where the work environment is hosted in the Cloud (OS, software, memory, computing power, etc.).

It is displayed in the user's terminal via a simple internet connection (ADSL, 4G, fibre, etc.). It therefore makes it possible to benefit from a working environment that is always up-to-date, adaptable and accessible even on old or low-capacity workstations and without any infrastructure.

Weytop's mastery of new streaming technologies now makes it possible to offer a virtual computer of unmatched simplicity and ease of use.

A tangible solution for hybrid working in companies


From any equipment, even personal, you offer the best remote working conditions, including for "on premise" applications.

Better use of your time

You focus more on your business applications and user satisfaction by reducing the constraints of managing your IT equipment.

IT costs

You benefit from a subscription with expenses adjusted to your uses, without set-up or infrastructure costs.

Our subscription packages

  • Fixed monthly prices, per Cloud PC and without commitment.
  • Weekly backup included.
  • Back office and management tools included from the first Cloud PC.
  • Available on Windows X and Linux (Ubuntu).

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    You’re a user, publisher or simply curious? Don’t hesitate to write at contact@weytop.com or to schedule an exchange with our team below.

    Frequently asked questions

    Uses, security, online payment, compatibility... let us tell you everything!

    The price includes unlimited access to the Cloud PC service, its backups and to the administration space from the first Cloud PC.

    Yes, there is no minimum quantity. Weytop is aimed at companies with permanent or occasional needs and at self-employed workers looking for high-performance and secure computer equipment.

    Weytop Cloud PCs are perfectly suited to the needs of companies of all sizes (from the self-employed to a large group) but they perfectly can be used by individuals.

    Yes. Weytop totally is multi-user. Several employees can access the same Cloud PC at different times with their individual user account. A single user can also have several Cloud PCs with a single account (a Windows and a Linux for example).

    - Weytop is non-binding. You can modify the capacities of the Cloud PC upwards or downwards or suspend your subscription at any time. The billing will be adapted.

    No. The Weytop subscription includes the use of the Cloud PC on an individual basis without limit. The service is not offered for use as a server. (streaming, mining, hosting ... etc.). Any misuse may be penalized.

    You are the administrator of your Cloud PC. As such, you can install and uninstall all the applications you want and enter the licenses you have. The operating system is installed when the Cloud PC is created. Applications and services are preinstalled. These applications (virtualization agent, backup, etc.) and services have been validated by our technical departments. They are regularly updated but must not be modified or uninstalled at the risk of rendering the Weytop services unusable.

    You can benefit from your Cloud PC without any specific installation from any equipment with a recent browser (Chrome or Edge) and an ADSL, 4G or higher connection. It can be an old PC (whatever its OS), a phone, a tablet ... etc. For optimum use, we advise you to have a connection of 10 mb/s or higher.

    All data is stored in France on the highly secure servers of our partners (Orange Cloud for Business and On Cloud by Bouygues Telecom). They are encrypted and can in no case be consulted without your personal identifiers. A weekly data backup is included in your subscription.

    When you cancel your subscription, your data is permanently erased, including backups. They can be retrieved before as a virtual disk in a downloadable file in Qcow2 format (https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qcow2).

    Yes. There is a portal for the account administrator to manage their users, their Cloud PCs (add, delete, upgrade capacities) and view usage statistics. Each user also has a personal space to manage their Cloud PC, their personal statistics and their authentication.

    Yes, you can use all of your licenses on Windows and Linux versions by directly activating your own license keys on your Cloud PC.

    All applications compatible with the chosen operating system can be run, including the most resource-intensive ones. It is possible to instantly upgrade your subscription so that the resources made available to you allow the optimal execution of your applications.

    A connection interruption does not affect the proper functioning of the Cloud PC. You will find all of your work in progress when you reconnect.

    Support is available to subscribers for any questions related to the use of the Cloud PC. You can contact the team from your personal space via a written message or by making a videoconference appointment.

    Simple and intuitive administration tools

    With Weytop, you can administer all of my fleet and my users online, thanks to really simple tools. Creation or deletion of users, “Cloud PC” masks with pre-installed and duplicable software in a few seconds, restoration of backups and modification of workstation capacities… all of your current operations are easy and immediate.

    A new technological deal

    I benefit from the best of technology without any installation and without external hardware: the most powerful streaming device on the market, a system that is fully compatible with your existing physical equipment without deploying any infrastructure (VDI or other) and performance boosted by artificial intelligence.

    Confidential, secure and sovereign hosting

    All my data is encrypted, hosted and secured in data centers certified by Orange Business Services and OnCloud by Bouygues Telecom, located in France and fully GDPR compliant. Our partners are committed to ensuring an availability rate of 99.99%. I benefit from a weekly backup of my entire “Cloud PC”.

    What users have to say about Weytop Cloud PC


    Weytop is a French company founded in 2020 by Loïc Poujol, Souchiam Sechao and Vincent Sécher following three observations:

  • The growing complexity of IT topics (security, obsolescence, scarcity of skills, etc.).
  • Profound changes in practices (teleworking, fleet management, etc.).
  • Technological ruptures (5G, streaming, virtualization, etc.).

  • It aims to revolutionize IT practices and become a key player in the virtual personal computer for businesses. It also benefits from the support of Telecom Paris Entrepreneurs, WILCO, Cap Digital and the BPI.

    Partnerships and awards