Weytop is developing tomorrow’s IT practices today.

  • Access all your applications from any computer, and with an optimal performance.


  • Minimize your carbon footprint and reduce your electronic waste.


  • Activity stays confidential from start to finish and your data is completely protected.


  • No need for a financial investment : your subscription includes everything and is commitment-free.



Weytop, the on-demand computer.

  • Your virtual

    Essential : for office automation, online surfing, streaming shows and music.

    Studio : for job applications, photo editing and 3D games

    Engineering : for the most exacting softwares (graphic design, architecture, 3D programming, big data).

  • Your app

    Install your usual applications.

    Enjoy our licences with negotiated conditions and pay-per-use.

    Help yourself all you wish in our free applications catalog.

  • Permanent

    Dashboard includes service indicators (use rate, service quality, connection time, parental control…)

    Installation assistance for the virtual machine and the applications.

    Help for using the referenced applications.

  • Complete

    Privacy: fully encrypted disk including for Weytop administrators.

    Encryption of all communications and anti-virus.

    Daily backup included (7 days, 4 weeks, 12 months)

An answer to your IT constraints

  • Chris Architecture student

    "I invested money in a PC at the beginning of my studies, but rapidly discovered it had its limits for the software I have to use."

  • Nicolas Freelance photographer

    "I had to buy a really expensive computer just so I could run Photoshop; but I only need it 40 days a year."

  • Mathieu Father to 4 children

    "Between our teenagers’ requirements and our personal and professional needs, we would need a PC each at home."

  • Philippe IT manager

    "It is expensive to have one performing computer post per collaborator, especially with the variety of our activities."

  • Catherine Head of Human Resources

    "I want to provide the best support possible for teams that work from home, but without making any concessions on the company’s good practices."

  • Nadia CEO

    "I waste too much time managing my company’s IT, and I’m not even serene about it."


  • 00

    You own a PC, even an old one, a tablet, a TV. You’re connected in broadband (ADSL or above).

  • 01

    You choose your setting (post alone, included licences). Your subscription can evolve.

  • 02

    With a simple browser you can access your Weytop space from any terminal.

  • 03

    You manage your post, install your applications or use the referenced software.

  • 04

    You are free to solicit qualified advisors for any question you might have and can share your post with just a click of your mouse.

  • 05

    Each month, your subscription and options (software, services...etc.) are billed directly on your credit card.


A French business, an international culture, a responsible ambition.

Weytop is a French company, founded in 2020 after a three observations:

  • The progressive transition from a property economy to a user economy.
  • The deep changes in practices (work from home, computer equipment management…).
  • The technological breakthrough (5G, streaming, virtualization, cybersecurity).

It aims to revolutionize IT practices by opening up ways of access, of control and of ownership, and to become a crucial element of the personal virtual computer for individuals and companies.

Prototype and validation
Opening of private testing in
February 2021
Commercial launch in
April 2021


  • USER

    Weytop streams all applications in low-latency and high definition.

    Our skills

    Expertise dedicated to optimizing latency across the entire value chain (acquisition, routing, optimization of compression algorithms, etc.)


    Weytop mobilizes the maximum amount of resources at constant cost to guarantee results.

    Our skills

    Proprietary AI and slicing of consumer graphics cards optimize CPU allocation and data migration between hosting centers to be closer to the user.


    Weytop provides much greater security compared to a user-administered workstation in a closed network.

    Our skills

    Industrialization of safety actions and detection of dangerous actions by AI

    Roll back in the event of an incident on a workstation

    Anti-contagion policy by systematic compartmentalisation of workstations

The founders

Weytop relies on digital and telecom entrepreneurs, who have all collaborated in several highly innovative companies.
Their successful experiences in complementary skills areas are a key advantage of the company.

  • Loic POUJOL

    Former operational director of innovation structures (Cinet group, Bottin Gourmand, Openbridge) and co-creator (Maltem group).

  • Souchiam SECHAO

    Founder of several companies in the IT field (Openbridge, Viciplace) and former technical director of the Degetel group and Objenious Bouyges Telecom.

  • Vincent SECHER

    Specialized in the creation and development of commercial organizations within large companies (Honeywell, Bolloré, Bouygues Telecom).


On each and every strategic point, Weytop is supported by the best experts.

Since its creation, Weytop has brought together a steadfast community of partners.
You’re an investor, software editor, infrastructure provider… and want to join the adventure ? Contact us.

In addition, the Telecom Paris Entrepreneurs incubation committee selected Weytop among the winners of its 2021 class.

The Telecom Paris Entrepreneurs incubator has been structuring and supporting innovative digital projects since 1999. To date, 475 start-ups have benefited from this accelerator (with a 5-year survival rate 86% and € 550 million raised) and its rich network of partners.

For Weytop, it is first and foremost the assurance of evolving in a highly technological ecosystem and of collaborating with the laboratories of the research center around key technical programs such as compression, latency, infrastructure optimization and AI.

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